LED Salt Water Light Portable Lamp - Blue

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Made of original ABS material, safe, durable and environmental friendly. Powered by sea or salt water, no need to use batteries, green, energy saving and money saving. Super mini size allows you to carry it anytime and anywhere as long as the salt water is sustainable. Multi-angle lighting, 24 hours continuous shine, can be used for 1440 hours of lighting time. Perfect for bedroom lighting, outdoor camping and emergency illumination.

1. Color: Blue
2. Energy: Seawater or salt water
3. Material: ABS environmental friendly plastic material
4. Luminous flux (Brightness): 100 lumens
5. Power: 0.3W
6. Size: 10*14.5cm/3.94*5.71inches
7. Runtime: 1440h
8. Attention:
- With air breather hole inside,don't tilt and turn it upside down when it contains water.
- Please add water after 10 or 15 day use and keep the water not less than half of the container.